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At first, we stayed with her sister, Margaret, then took a house in Gartocharn by Loch Lomond.

Now starring in NCIS, he lives in New York with his second wife, Katherine, with whom he has a son and a daughter. At the end of 1939 or the beginning of 1940, I was evacuated to Scotland, and my mother came too.

He has many Spouses whom he got married after a long affair making as a girlfriend and being into the relationship.

During the year 1957 he was in relationship and got married with Jilli Ireland but unfortunately he got divorce in the year 1967 according to his bio with the end of 10 years of their love circle.

Following his studies at the RADA, Mc Callum entered films in 1957, where he was...

Fils d’un violoniste et d’une violoncelliste, c’est presque naturellement que le jeune David Keith Mc Callum Jr. Mais très vite, celui que l’on connaît surtout sous le nom de David Mc Callum décide de s’orienter vers la comédie en intégrant l’Académie royale d’art dramatique au Royaume-Uni.

Also by playing whom the Gods Love, Die Young made him to collect his range of his fans all over with his acting career.At home, music was omnipresent, and my parents both assumed at first that I would follow them into the family business.As a child I would go with my father down to the studios where Jascha Heifetz, the famous violinist, was recording Brahms.His character, the eccentric Dr Donald “Ducky” Mallard, the chief medical examiner, is not in the scenes being shot today but that’s not to say he can take it easy.At the age of 79, David Mc Callum is always on the go.

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C’est à la fin des années 1950 que David Mc Callum débute sa carrière en jouant dans de nombreux films britanniques parmi lesquels on compte "Atlantique latitude 41" ou encore "La Grande Évasion" dans lequel il a la chance de côtoyer Steve Mc Queen et Charles Bronson.

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