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HARPURSVILLE, New York — It’s a great day for April’s most-dedicated fans: Animal Adventure Park is getting a permanent giraffe camera. The park on Sunday announced on its Facebook page that avid April watchers can view their favorite giraffe family very soon. This week we will announce viewing day/times for you to check in and watch progress!This schedule will continue until noted differently.The birth of April’s fourth calf was still pending Thursday, when the live video was getting more than 115,000 views.

The 15-year-old long-legged internet star is named April and is expected to give birth any time now in an enclosed pen at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, a rural village 130 miles northwest of New York City.

The privately owned zoo’s giraffe cam began live-streaming video from April’s enclosure last week.

The feed has totaled more than 15 million views on You Tube as people around the world check on April’s condition.

Though the morning is cold, they may get yard time in today – if conditions are safe – otherwise tomorrow will bring warm temps and hours outdoors!

“What many are calling an omen of the impending birth; the face and neck of a young giraffe appeared in the bedding this afternoon. April was reportedly on edge this afternoon during veterinary examination.

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April's popularity led to a sponsorship from Toys 'R' Us, which has long featured the fictional "Geoffrey the Giraffe" as its mascot.

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