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Bob the Muslim: holiday with her family Bob the Muslim: she visits the family there Bob the Muslim: hasnt been for many years Baz: Ah ok Bob the Muslim: but i gotta work Bob the Muslim: our kindergarden is open so...

Baz: Hungry while being around needy children Baz: Not a good mix Bob the Muslim: no it is fine i love children and i got a purpose so i will do my best Baz: lol Fair enough Baz: So, did you read about Lee Rigby?

Bob the Muslim: like this u only pay the postage Baz: Ah ok Bob the Muslim: no no Bob the Muslim: i send the original game Bob the Muslim: and they send me also Baz: Ahh ok Baz: You readty for Ramadan my friend?

Bob the Muslim: yeah man sure Bob the Muslim: iam happy to meet all the friends that were so buys during the year Baz: Three days is it?

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The Arab culture is divided into three main parts, the urban culture (Al-Mudun), the rural culture (Ar-Reef), and the nomad culture (Al-Badow).

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