Mike catherwood and lacey schwimmer dating

Michael Dwight Catherwood, known by his radio name Psycho Mike, is an American radio personality.He was the co-host of Loveline from March 21, 2010 to March 31, 2016 and is also known for his work at KROQ-FM on Kevin and Bean.

"I'm not one of those girls that's like, 'I have to be married by the time I'm 35 and I have to have six babies when I'm 38,'" she previously shared on the "Allegedly" podcast.Catherwood was born on March 15, 1979, in Los Angeles.His life could have gone down a different road: He became heavily involved with drugs and alcohol when he was a teenager.His teenage years were the start of his problems with substance abuse, as he began drinking at an early age. When he was older, he traveled across the US to New Jersey where he attended Rutgers University but was unable to complete his first year due to his problems with substance abuse, including crack cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, methamphetamine and alcohol, as well as abuse of anabolic steroids.He initially sought treatment in Minnesota at the Hazelden Foundation, but was unable to complete the program.

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"Matt is very supportive and he always wants to make sure that we keep in contact and we're always on the phone making sure that everything's ok," she shared with People.

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