Intimidating music

The songs invariably feature a rhythm timed to the cadence of the march.Printable music notes are really all these "Wormies" consist of: simple exercises that creep slowly along.

Martial music or military music is a specific genre of music intended for use in military settings.

The book is especially pertinent because of the many false stories about Clemens invented and passed around in the years of the charges against him for enhancing his pitching by allegedly taking anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormone.

Those charges collapsed in a heap last year when he was acquitted for perjury in federal district court in Washington, D. Important factors in that acquittal were the testimony of his former catcher in Toronto, Charlie O'Brien, who testified under oath that Clemens was so honest that he would not even use scuffed baseballs, and of his manager in Houston, Phil Gardner, who explained Clemens's complex arsenal of pitches, including his deadly split finger fastball, developed in Toronto in 1997.

He won the Cy Young Award for best pitcher seven times, the most ever. Contrary to his reputation as lousy in the post season, Clemens actually performed better as the level of difficulty and pressure increased throughout his career. His walks per game declined from 3.5 in first round divisional play to 2.9 in championship round games to 2.0 in the World Series. He was 4-4 in first round games, 5-4 in divisional championships, and 3-0 in the World Series.

He won 354 games and lost 184, a superlative winning percentage of .658. Because Clemens never pitched a single no hitter or a perfect game his dominance over a generation is understated.

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