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Magsaysay was elected to the Philippine House of Representatives in 1946, and was later re-elected to a second term.

After attending the University of the Philippines, Magsaysay transferred to the Institute of Commerce at José Rizal College (1928-1932), where he received a bachelor's degree in commerce.

From then until 1953, Magsaysay carried out one of the most effective anti-guerrilla campaigns in modern history; by 1953, the Huks were no longer a serious threat.

Unfortunately, Magsaysay's sweeping measures had made many enemies for him within the government, and he resigned on February 28, 1953, later charging the Quirino Administration with corruption and incompetence.

At hindi katulad ng ibang sikat noong panahon niya na nagsusuot ng Amerikana, mas pinili niyang isuot ang Barong Tagalog.

Ipinanganak si Ramon Magsay-say kina Exequiel Magsaysay at Perfecta del Fierro sa Iba, Zambales noong Agosto 31, 1907.

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